Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reengineering the Corporation by Michael Hammer & James Champy

This book was written by the authors, who coined the term 'Business Process Reengineering', which has been a buzz word since 1990's and still is.

Though this book as written in 1990's and then rewritten in early 2000's, but the approaches discussed in it are quite relevant.

The best thing I liked about the book is how the authors took me through the journey of Industrial Revolution, Adam Smith's Factory Model, Ford's Assembly line model and then back to Process based industry.

I think, this book is must read for any corporate manager. While many of the approaches discussed, may not be immediately applicable in one's environment, but it surely will broaden the perspective of readers

More works of Michael Hammer can be explored at his company's website http://hammerandco.com/

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