Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Code To Zero by Ken Follet

hello Friends

After long time, I picked up fiction.

Its the second book of Ken Follet, I went through. The first one was 'The Third Twin'. It was pretty gripping. And I had the similar expectations from Follet this time also.

The very name suggested me, that its some sort of a sci-fi. But, that belief was totally wrong. Still, the book was good read, throwing lot of light on aspects of espionage, Cold War, Communism and Rocket Science.
The plot was quite gripping, which starts with a man who lost his memory, when he wakes up. The grip was so tight, that I finished it in two days, pretty difficult in my latest schedule.
So, I will recommend it to read in bit of relaxed time, else your expectations may not come true.