Monday, June 16, 2008

Love Story by Eric Segal

Oliver is studying in Harvard and is one of the brightest students there. Well, he is not just Oliver but he is Oliver Barret IV, belonging to one of the most influential families of London. He has a great history, full of achievements ( by his predecessors). He is supposed to carry the legacy of the family. His father, Barret III is just Barret III and nothing else for him. Then comes Jenny. Socially zero as compared to Barrets but as Oliver always quote "Jenny is Jenny", we realize during the book that she is.

The book revolves around the troubles Jenny and Oliver face in order to settle their lives. How they manage their small small issues. How the relationship between in-laws of both side progress? And, lastly their most important battle.

All through the book Oliver is "Preppie" for Jenny and Jenny is the "Witch". Most of their conversations end with one thing "Okay". Still, the book is full of emotions at every point of time. It make you realize the value of those who are very near to you. Read it for realizing their importance before its too late.

Sorry to give you all no clue about the plot. But you can always read it yourself. Just 125 pages.

Why I recommend this book is because it is the most honest love at first sight story. We always wish to have same experience. Lucky Oliver and unlucky too. Why unlucky, please find out yourself. And finally to conclude, this book do state the very important message of life for all of us. " Love means never have to say that you are sorry". Okay Preppie. Okay.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The 3 mistakes of my life by Chetan Bhagat

This is the third book written by Chetan. And also the third book of his, I have read. The other 2 were One night @ call center and Five Point Someone.

The mention of the word Ahmedabad, lead me to believe that this is Five Point Someone at IIM Ahmedabad. But, it turned out to be entirely other way round.

The best part about story is that its based on real life story. Interestingly the author, receives an email by one of its reader fans. The catch, is the email is the 'Suicide Note'.

Now, even the authors like J K Rowling, Mario Puzo, Jeffery Archer..... dont have mettle enough to ignore such mail. Same happened to Chetan.

The story is full of drama, friendship, love and action.

Interesting events covered by the story is Cricket, Gujarat Earthquake and Godhra Riots.

The story is not to the class of the earlier two works of the author. But, reality is seldomly a match of spicy fiction.

I recommend this book, to all the readers as a non-serious leisure time reading.