Monday, January 26, 2009

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

This is the second novel I picked of Dan Brown. I picked it as lot of my friends told me that it is better than Da Vinci Code.

The style of writing is same of both the novels.

In this novel Brown has shown one organization named ‘Illuminati’ against Church. Again the clues are spearheaded by Robert Langdon.

I came to know a lot about secret scientific societies via this novel.

Now I m looking forward to read other works of Dan Brown

Prey by Michael Chrichton

This is the second novel by Chrichton I ever read. The first one was ‘Timeline’. This novel is similar to Da Vinci Code, as its breathtaking.

The novel is about the fusion of Nanotechnology, Computer Technology and Biotechnology to create Artificial Intelligence. I was unable to sleep many nights after reading it.

And was not able to leave it after 30 pages.

I sometimes, wonder what authors like Chrichton do to write such a novel. Its totally beyond the normal human imagination.

I am sad that Chrichton died, I will miss his good work.

Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

I picked this novel for the third time. Last two times I couldn’t get past first 30 pages. And I kept on wondering, whats so special about this boring novel, that all my friends are crazy about it.

This is what I realized on my third time. The moment you get past the first 40 pages, its breathtaking. I used to wait whole day in the office to get it over, so that I can get home and read it.

It made me doubt the very foundation of Christianity, and gave me lot of glimpses of Pagan religion.

No wonder, it’s one of the best novels ever I read.