Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Money Changers by Arthur Hailey

This is the first novel by Arthur Hailey, which I read. Before it, I tried to read, Overload, Airport and Detective, but was not able to proceed more than 50 first pages.

I picked this novel, understanding that Arthur Hailey is research oriented author, who gives full ins and outs of the sector, about which it is writing a novel.

So, in the given picture of Global Economic Tsunami, ‘The Money Changers’ by him was the logical choice.

The story is thrilling, giving all the details of Banking industry. And it gave me better picture about how US is pushing its valueless Dollars, projecting it equivalent to gold, in the whole world. Also, it gave me insight what might have happened to Lehman Brothers, Merryl Lynch, J P Morgan Chase, Bank of America…………………

I think if you seek enjoyment in reading and you are interested in Financial Sector, specifically the Banking Sector, it’s the best time to read this

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

This was my first reading of Terry Pratchett. I read it on strong recommendation of my friend of the whole series. The series is known as Discworld Series.

The plot is about reviving the postal system of Ankh-Morpork. The famous hypothetical city, governed by the tyrant, Lord Vetinari.

But the twist is, that the person assigned to the job, is no government official, but a crook, a fraud, a trickster, Moist Lipwig. Moist Lipwig is the person with many names, many appearances, many personalities. He is hanged to death, for unforgivable crimes he has done. He wakes up wondering, how heaven or hell will be?, only to find he is still alive in front of Lord Vetinari. This is when, Lord Vetinari, gives him choice either to be hanged again, this time to death, or accept to the post of Postmaster, to revive the postal system.

The story is full of modern day things with only different names. Golems for robots, Clacks for Telegraph system, and so on.

Besides the innovative style of Terry, it is simple story of fraudster turning into good man, only to find a bigger fraudster.

The story is full of drama, emotion, conspiracies,…………………….

I will recommend it as a leisure time reading.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hong Kong by Stephen Coonts

It was the first novel of Stephen Coonts, which I read, as it was highly recommended by my sister.

The plot is about the anti communist revolution in China, with the epicenter in Hong Kong. The novel was good showcase of changes in Hong Kong after Chinese took it over from Britain. The plot was indeed thrilling, with people, emotions, conspiracies, hi tech warfare and what not. But, I will think twice before reading next novel of Stephen. As, though the story line was good, but the flow was very abrupt, which is not a sign of good author.

Still, I will recommend this novel for the people who want to be thrilled via vicarious experience of reading.