Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter & Hogler Rathgeber

I read this book, after strong recommendation of my professional guide.

The book is in the fable form, and it reminded me of book 'Who Moved My Cheese?' by Spencer Johnson.

Though I have read the ideology of John Kotter, in one of his Harvard Press Articles, listing out his 8 steps Change Management Press, but fable is more enjoyment, less stress and more insight.

So, in general it was fabulous book on Change Management, which is becoming increasingly important, as global forces are making businesses and all other spheres of life fast changing. It actually reminds of the phrase ' Changing is Changing So Fast!!' in the book 'Future Shock' by Alvin Toffler.

Still, I think most of the management theories are unable to answer one vital question 'How to create a change, when its not actually not a zero sum game, but at the same time, also to an extent a zero sum game?' The typical and extreme case is 'Downsizing'.

And, I couldn't get the answer to this question in this book too.

But, in total its a good methodology and book to follow in any Change Management Process.

One can refer to the site of John Kotter, for further details on the book and its methodology


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