Thursday, April 28, 2011

Corporate Atyaachaar by Abhay Nagarajan

Well, I must give all the praise to the author for his first attempt.

As, I haven't read many Indian Authors, I am forced to compare Abhay with Chetan Bhagat. And, this book for most of the times, reminded me of 'Five Point Someone' and 'Two States'.

I couldn't stop laughing throughout the read. And I was easily able to connect with the mindset of the rookie with respect to his boss.

I must say, Abhay has knack for story telling. But, towards the end I was slightly disappointed, as it was not able to keep the pace with most of the book.

Also, I am wondering, if the instances in this book are real, then Abhay must be on hit list of his boss and colleagues.

Looking for more from him!!!