Thursday, December 13, 2007


Title: Triangle
Author: Sue Swift
Publisher: Five Star
ISBN: 1594144656
Genre: Mystery

A cruise that was meant to combine research for a scientist and some
relaxation for Marilen Case, the company gofer, turns into a nightmare of
gigantic proportions when someone aboard proves to be a murderer.

Marilen has problems before the yacht even leaves port. She is hoping for a
marriage proposal from one man and is stunned to find herself in bed with
another. Her plans are ruined.

Talented author Sue Swift gives the mystery reader a good tale with lots of
intrigue and fun characters who are caught together in a web of fear. The
shadow of mystery cast by the reputation of the Bermuda Triangle adds color
to the story when the captain learns his navigation and communications
aren't working.

A tale peopled with well drawn characters who each have a private agenda or
problem aboard the yacht and many act in cross purposes as the plot unfolds.
Recommended as a fun read with red herrings and false clues added to the
mix. Enjoy. I sure did.

Anne K. Edwards

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