Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Round Table Magician

Title: The Round Table Magician
Author: Ann Marr
Publisher: Awe-Struck Books, Inc.
ISBN: 9781587496066
Genre: Paranormal Regency Romance

Romance combined with the touch of a fairy tale will please a lot of romance readers, taking us back to our childhood and the days when damsels in distress were rescued by princes. The land of happy ever after with its bumpy road to reaching it sill lives in this fun read by talented author Ann Marr.

Martha Dunsmore is rescured by a stranger during a melee at a shop near her school. There is a strong attraction on both sides, but one is a mere girl and the other a man of standing and rank. How can they ever be anything more than nodding acquaintances.

Who is this stranger called Lord Brinston. Where does the Round Table fit in? These and many other questions are raised and you will have to read the book to find out. A tale with lots of movement, intriguing characters and set in a time and place that acts as a bridge to Camelot of Merlin's day and the Regency era.

Villainy's afoot, a girl grows up as she tries to identify the villain, lots of fun with a group known as The Banshees and a step back in time to a slower paced era.

Recommended as a fun read any romance fan will enjoy, especially if they ever loved On'ce-Upon-A-Time stories.

Anne K. Edwards

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