Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Lute and The Liar

Title: The Lute and the Liar
Author: Rie Sheridan
Publisher: Awe-struck E-books, Inc.
ISBN: 13: 9781587496011
Genre: Medieval Romance

Dismissed from his place as a musician and challenged to only tell the truth by a witch, Mordigan Bryne has his hands full when he winds up wandering the roads to nowhere in particular.

The Princess Allysian takes it into her head to find him for reasons of her own so cuts off her hair, dresses like a boy and takes to the road only to wind up in prison.

Where will their futures take them? Will Mordigan find his destiny and will the princess be freed to find him or will their paths never cross? It may be only the witch knows for sure.

A fun, well told tale that any fan of romance will enjoy. The story is flavored with the once-upon-a-time of the fairy tales of childhood with witches, wizards, and castles, and will remind any reader of those fun reads.

I'm happy to recommend this tale to any romantic. Talented author Rie Sheridan weaves a story that will keep you reading and you'll be looking for other books by her. Enjoy. I did.

Anne K. Edwards

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