Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Behind the Polygamy Veil

Title: Behind the Polygamy Veil
Author: Kenneth Brown
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 1425721818
Genre: Mystery
3 1/2 bolts

What is polygamy? Why does it persist into today's world? Who are the men that practice it and where do they find their wives? Do the women come willingly into this world?

Talented author Kenneth Brown gives a look into this shadowy world by raising the curtain on it in this tale. A vanished wife draws PI Greg Forman into this world, then a girl vanishes on her way to school.

A mysterious message from the girl gives the searchers their first real break and the hunt is on. Will they find her alive?

A story for any one interested in the practice of polygamy and how it impacts the lives of its victims. A tale told by an author with a sure knowledge of his subject. Enjoy.

Anne K. Edwards

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