Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tremolo, Cry of the Loon

Title: Tremelo, Cry of the Loon
Author: Aaron Paul Lazar
Publisher: Paladin Timeless books, imprint of Twilight Times Books
Genre: Mystery

Open the pages of this great story and you'll find yourself stepping back in time to the childhood of the hero of the LeGarde mysteries by the very talented author Aaron Pau Lazar. The setting has all the earmarks of being real and pulls the reader nostalgically back to their own childhood with its warmth and laughter.

Three children, Gustave, Seigfried, and Elsbeth are set to enjoy another summer on the lake, but a series of events sends them off in a different direction, tinging the peaceful lakeside atmosphere with fear and mystery. A missing girl, a mysterious visitor the children are forbidden to bother, the attempted murder of Gustave and other events keep this story moving with a sense of tension that will have any reader looking over their shoulder at strange sounds after dark.

Join Gustave and his friends in their attempts to find the missing girl, and find where their conviction they've found her leads. A tightly-written tale with loads of action and adventure to keep you reading by a superb story-teller whose characters live and breathe.

A fun read with plenty of mystery and intrigue as seen through the eyes of a boy well on his way to becoming a man. If you are familiar with the adult LeGarde, you will recognize the seeds of his personality as sown here. Enjoy. I certainly did and I highly recommend this and all other books by Aaron Paul Lazar to any reader.

Anne K. Edwards

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