Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Matabele Gold

Title: Matabele Gold
Author: Michael J. Hunt
Publisher: BeWrite Books, UK
ISBN: 1904492339
Genre: Fiction

After years of absence, Daniel Walker is returning to his homeland in Africe where the remnants of the Boer War still affect the life of the residents.

For a while Daniel was content to work for the company that controlled the entire area, but in time he set himself up as an independent consultant. The work with another in precious metals found on a small farm brought him into sharing the danger of exposure and perhaps imprisonment.

A developing relationship with the local policeman's wife complicates his life farther. How will it all end?

Talented author Michael J. Hunt shows us the way life had to be lived by native Africans and the defeated Boer families under the rule of a large English owned company with power of life and death in these remote areas.

Mr. Hunt shows us the skills and subterfuges this forced people to develop simply to exist where they had no legal protection. A tale well worth the time to read for anyone who enjoys history and the realitybehind it.

Recommended to any reader looking for an interesting story set in an interesting time. Enjoy. I sure did.

Anne K. Edwards

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