Thursday, December 6, 2007

Deadly Laws by Jim Michael Hansen

Title: Deadly Laws
Author: Jim Michael Hansen
Publisher: Dark Sky Publishing
ISBN: 10: 0976924331
Genre: Mystery
4 1/2 bolts

How would you react if you received a phone call and the caller said if you didn't do what you were told a woman would die and it would be your fault? Would you hang up and forget it as a prank or take it seriously?

Law student Kayla Beck feels coerced to take on the task of rescuing the woman and goes armed. She finds the woman wearing a locked steel collar chained to the floor of a boxcar and things get ugly from there.

At the same time this rescue is taking place, plans are made for the kidnapping of another woman for other purposes. Here, the question arises if these two things could be connected? How? The crimes aren't the same.

Detective Bryson Coventry is drawn into chasing a murderer and kidnapper when a body is discovered in a boxcar. He's wondering who had worn that collar and if the dead man was killed by the kidnapper because he raped the captive.

Talented author Jim Michael Hansen keeps the many subplots and characters moving in a delicate balancing act that tightens the noose around a serial killer as victims, killer and Bryson Coventry cross paths, often missing each other. This is a thriller that will have you looking in one direction while the killer is doing something else. A tale that readers something different.

I'm pleased to recommend this tale to any thriller or mystery fan. The imaginative departure from the time-tried plotlines will satisfy and have readers looking for other books by this author.

Anne K. Edwards

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