Thursday, December 6, 2007

Highland honor by Christina Young

Title: Highland Honor
Author: Christina Young
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1587495708
Genre: Historical Romance

Life in the Scottish Highlands in the fifteen hundreds was hard and dangerous. There was constant warfare between the English and Scots and among the Scots themselves as one clan sought to eradicate another.

Such was the life that Callie Whitcomb was born to. Her father was an Englishman and when he died, her stepbrother decided she would marry a man she detested. She had other plans.

She escaped her family home and went in search of a man known as Hawke. She thought he was an old friend of her father whose life he had saved. However, once she found him, she also found that things were not as she supposed. She had escaped one trap, only to be caught in another.

Will she ever know security again? Or will she always be a prisoner to the schemes of a captor?

Talented author Christina Young uses her vivid imagination to create a story that will keep you reading. Recommended as a fun read for any romance fan. Enjoy.

Anne K. Edwards

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