Thursday, December 6, 2007

Removing Edith Mary by Anne Morgellyn

Title: Removing Edith Mary
Author: Anne Morgellyn
Publisher:: BeWrite Books, UK
ISBN: 190449269X
Genre: Mystery

Louise Moon has a job that none of us would envy. She handles corpses on a daily basis, moving them from one place to another and, in the case of those with no known relatives, makes the arrangements for funerals and collecting the bits and pieces left behind by the dead.

Her world is one of bleakness, decorated with the cobwebs of some inner guilt that causes her to champion lost causes like the son of deceased Edith Mary Woods. Louise undertakes to help Roy Woods establish a small memorial to his mother. The problem is, of course, that Roy is a mental patient and her attempts to help him are not looked upon with favor by her boss, his psychiatrist or her boyfriend.

Talented author Anne Morgellyn has taken two very unlikely people and brought them together in an unexpected manner. She understands well the inner workings of the human heart and mind and makes us look deeper than the words of this well told tale.

Though fiction, the plot and characters are realistically portrayed and you'll find yourself wondering how they'll manage. What will happen to the man whose problems keep him labeled as a social misfit? How will Louise deal with her unpleasant job and boss? You'll want to know. Then you'll be looking for other books by this imaginative author.

Recommended as a very good read for anyone looking for something a bit different. Enjoy. I did.

Anne K. Edwards

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