Thursday, December 13, 2007

Capable of Murder

Title: Capable of Murder
Author: Brian Kavanagh
Publisher: BeWrite Books
ISBN: 1905202113
Genre: Mystery

Belinda Lawrence discovers the body of her reclusive great aunt on the floor of her home and becomes an heiress as the old lady's death is labeled an accident by the police. But Belinda can't stop the niggling doubt at the back of her mind. The problem was who would kill an old woman and why. There seemed to be nothing missing in the house.

Belinda learns there are great differences from living in the lights of the city and the darkness that descends on the unlighted streets of the village once she claims her inheritance with the intention of living in the house.

It isn't long before an antiques dealer turns up looking for old furniture and a realtor wants to sell the house for her. The only people who seem friendly are her closest neighbors.

A break in at the house, another murder in the house keep the action in this well crafted story moving forward as Belinda has to decide who to trust among the people who have taken an interest in her new home. Why did the lawyer who wrote her aunt's will disappear? Why does the neighbor feel so strongly about the overgrown garden?

These and other questions will keep the reader turning pages as they try to identify the villain of the tale and solve the mystery before Belinda does. Recommended as a fun read written by talented author Brian Kavanagh who introduces us to a cast of characters not soon forgotten. A story with a surprise in store for the reader.

I am pleased to recommend this book to any mystery fan. Enjoy. I did.

Anne K. Edwards

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