Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Vandenberg Diamonds

Title: The Vandenberg Diamonds
Author: John Russo
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
ISBN: 193335383X
Genre: Historical Suspense

A military flight ends in a crash landing with one survivor. The cargo is
removed and stored on a pig farm by the finders who plan to be wealthy men
after the war. Fate steps in and the cargo lies unclaimed for another

A tale by talented author John Russo that contains all the ingredients for a
fun read, The Vandenberg Diamonds offers plenty of action as the real owners
of the diamonds set out to find them while two young men have decided to use
them to make their fortunes.

Unfortunately, there is in the mix of characters a very unpleasant criminal
whose decisions affect the outcome for everyone. He's a villain you'll love
to hate.

A well-crafted tale of several subplots woven together to give the reader
lots of action in a variety of settings will hold your attention. Intrigue
mixed with a touch of history move the story along at a good pace.
Recommended as a good read for anyone looking for a worthwhile way to spend
some reading time. Enjoy. I sure did.

Anne K. Edwards

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