Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini

Zendagi migzara - Like Afghans like to say , Life goes on.

Picked up a fiction after a while this time ...A Brilliant read ... One of the most moving ones i have read.

Its about Amir and his quest to find the real himself. Its about the acts he has committed , cos he was only human .. Its about his guilt which formed inside him cos he committed these acts also that he did not commit certain other acts.

Its about Amir's Baba , a true & brave afghan to heart. About his struggle with being a single parent, about his belief in humanity and nothing else , about his subtle revolt against the existing differences between Pashtuns and Hazara communities, about his love for his country , about him not being able stand anything against Afghanistan even after he forcefully quits his country for his childs safety, About his expectations from his kid and about his secret which gives direction to this story.

Its about Hassan , A Hazara boy ... his lifelong bond with his Pashtun Master's son Amir. Its about his humility , about his brilliance in his own little way . At the end u would get a feel that maybe this is what god's own son would be like.

It of course is also about the Afghanistan that was there before the Russians trooped in and about the afghanistan as it is now..Its about the pomegranate , apple and cherry trees , its about the Rostam and Sohrab stories and about reading it to your own brother .... It ofcourse is also about flying kites and running for them , and the wish to run it over for your bro "A thousand times over"

Thats where i will restrict myself from writing more abt it , cos I wont want to be unfair to people who plan to read it up.Go pick your paper back copy ... May u be touched for a lifetime, a thousand times over.

Rating - ****


Prabal Aggarwal said...

hi faith
the best thing abt the post i liked is ur name. I dont know its touching. And so is the story. I would like to read it the moment i get time. The other books which i think are of the same class on the blog are exodus, lajja, johnthan livingston seagulls, prophet,.........

Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

seems to be very interesting. I saw these movies from IRAQ, IRAN and Afganistan and these countries engulphed by war, are very interesting to study and I wish to pick this book up very soon.

F.A.I.T.H said...

Thanks guys

However , my review is put under the "Spiritual" section prabal , cant say it looks appropriate ... if at all u need to categorise , it may be befitting under "Inspiration" or "fiction" maybe even a "classic" as i am sure its gonna be one in time to come.

atlee said...

I read the book recently and as bowled over by 1 charachter.

However, the subsequent movie based on the book fails to live to the expectations