Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Do you hate to work for money?

Are you broke at the end of every month?

Do you believe life has much more to offer to you than it has already done in terms of riches and luxury?

Do you want to REALLY get rich?

Then go ahead, read this book.

I read this book recently and it breaks all the myths about getting rich. It radically changes the mindset our culture, our peers and our parents try to instill in us. The mindset that the ONLY way to make more money or get rich is to become more education, get more academic degrees, work hard to earn more money and the list goes on.

Robert starts with comparing the teachings of his poor dad (his biological father) and the teachings of his rich dad (father of his friend). He compares the teachings of both of his fathers and tries to explain to the readers how each kind of teaching impacts anyone's path to become rich and free from "rat race".

Robert teaches in this book about financial IQ, about how to build assets, how to free yourself from the rat race. He gives tremendous examples on how to earn money and get rich by investing in real estate. He gives his own personal real time examples to show how he made money work for him rather than work for money.

The book is a total mind opener and gives valuable insight on how rich people make money work for them rather than work for money.

A must read if you really want to make big money!

Recommendation: 10/10


Prabal Aggarwal said...

hi rishab
sexy book
i read this book around 5 years back and it gave me new perspective. especially i m inspired by how the author and his wife stayed in the basement for long time. they didnt accepted any loan and any job, just coz they wanted to do their own business.

Rishab Chawla said...

Yes, the book is amazing. It made me think and here I am on the path for building assets to get out of the "rat race".

Now I am reading "Mad Money,Watch TV Get Rich" by Jim Cramer....he is a celerity stock investor in USA. He hosts a show Mad Money on CNBC on investments.

There is another great book on investments "The Automatic Millionaire" by David Bach ...NY Times best-seller author! Read it!

Prabal Aggarwal said...

gr8 rishab
so v can expect two more reviews soon.
secondly, rich dad poor dad is first of the series. there r no. of others like cashflow quadrants etc.
also i will recommend u to read warren buffet way

Rishab Chawla said...

Yes..U r right! Thanks for the suggestions..