Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Black Friday - S Hussain Zaidi

Black may or may not be a beautiful colour but when used to describe a day in the lives of people it will be anything but beautiful.
One day that changed the way not just a city but an entire nation thinks. The catastrophe that struck Mumbai then has not been matched & hopefully will not be matched.
This book describes the events leading upto the day, the things that happened & the consequences of it. The kind of detailing that has gone into it would make any investigating officer worth his/her salt proud.

This book starts with the blasts that happned on that infamous day 12th March 1993 the places that it went off. It then goes back in time & tries to find out the reson why someone would plan something so ghastly for the unsuspecting public. It takes into account the exact reason why Bombay was bombarded! It also very boldy names the people involved in the blasts how they met where they mey & the kind of plans they made .

It also has fascinationg information about Indain terrorist visiting Pakistan for training without appropriate documents. It also details the kind of training they went through.

Where this book scores the most is how after the blast the police put every piece together to find the people responsible for the blasts.
The kind of detailing that has gone into the making of this book is really commendable & the writer has also explained the Sanjay Dutt angle in the book without any bias.

All in all a wonderful read for all those who want to know why their beloved city was attacked.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have seen the movie , But I do believe the Book will be more enlightening. I think the Train Blasts were bad aswell.. so history has been repeated. But the aftermath of the blasts in mumbai on black friday were very bad and also on a larger scale. I will definitely give this a read


Funda-mentor said...

Bhai,, badhiya hai,,, Main mumbai aataa toh woh book mujhe chahiye :) Good detailing bro!