Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Goal - Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox

I read this book when I was neither interested in knowing anything about Management nor had any interest in reading books! I read it because one of my dearest friends told me to go through it. And once I was through the first chapter I was engaged. It never felt like a management book. More like a guy whos in deep trouble at home and in office and how he gets over it both with effective time management and some advice from a person.

Its the story of a guy named ALEX, who is a plant manager. He is continually finding it difficult to meet commitments. His married life is suffering because of work strain, also at the plant he has to contend with infighting between various departments. Its then that he meets his guru Jonah. Jonah gives Alex simple advice on how to identify and manage the operations. What I remember is that he doesnt give it in the usual direct manner. Alex has to figure out the application of the message through introspection. I learned concepts of Bottlenecks from this book. How to overcome the bottlenecks, the place where the Work In Progress start stacking up? Alex finds this out and his Plant starts doing wonders. Through effective time management, his work and life gets more balanced.

I recently came to know that Goldratt has introduced his Theory of Constraints in this book. But the way he has blended it into an engaging Drama is amazing. Even Non-management book lovers will find this book really interesting.

It teaches a manager to do the following:
1) Improve organizational effectiveness and productivity,
2) Free up capital tied up in excess inventory,
3) Reduce customer frustration and
4) Reduce organizational anxiety.

In all a very good read and highly recommended for all wud-be managers.

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Deadly Book. Must read