Thursday, December 6, 2007

Witness at the Bridge by Gini Anding

Title: Witness at the Bridge
Author: Gini Anding
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 10:0595-366465 pbk/10:0595810683ebk
Genre: Romantic Mystery

Amy Page and Jean-Michel Jolivet are in love and trouble has found them
again. The security of the Ile Saint-Louis is disrupted by a murder and
attack on Amy that leaves her with a gunshot wound and having killed a man.
A second attacker is also shot and winds up dead in the hospital.

Though a link between the murder and the attack on Amy is suspected, there
seems to be no link other than her mild acquaintance with the dead man.
Jean-Michel is worried too, that Amy might be charged with murder for owning
an undeclared gun.

The love story between Amy and Jean-Michel takes center stage in this fun
read. Talented author Gini Anding knows the city of Paris well as her
descriptions show, giving the reader the sense of being there.

A talented combination of romance and mystery, this story is a well told
tale that will please the pickiest romantic or mystery buff. Lots of action
as the story unfolds.

I'm pleased to recommend this book to any reader who likes a good read.
Enjoy. I did.

Anne K. Edwards

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