Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tainted Tea for Two by Susanne Marit Knight

Title: Tainted Tea for Two
Author: Susanne Marie Knight
Publisher: Uncial Press
ISBN: 10: 160174000X
Genre: Mystery

Someone wants Viscount Embrey dead. So they have Marty Jackson from the US hired as a personal trainer for him. Almost immediately, Marty encounters problems. The viscount has had a stroke and she isn't trained for that type of therapy, the person hiring her didn't know she was a woman, the viscount's son insists she remain and do as she was hired.

Can she get through the next two weeks without failing in some manner. She is hired help, but they insist she join them for meals in dress. The viscount's son is engaged to a woman he detests and that woman quickly develops a hate for Marty.

This is a tale with plenty of suspense, intrigue and mystery mixed with the possibility of romance. Join Marty as she walks the halls of the manor and finally walks into a murder. The intention by the killer is to make her the suspect, but will it succeed?

A well written tale by talented author Susanne Marie Knight that will please the mystery fan or the romantic suspense fan. Is there something more to the viscount's illness? Why does he keep having recurring bouts? Will they discover what is happening in time?

Recommended for a fun read to learn who the killer is and why he plotted such a complex crime. Is it about money or a title or revenge of some sort? Enjoy following Marty and the rest of the well drawn cast along the twisting paths of suspense and susicion. I did.

Anne K. Edwards

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