Thursday, December 6, 2007

Why Casey Had to Die by L. C. Hayden

Title: Why Casey Had to Die
Author: L. C. Hayden
Publisher: Techno Books/Ed Gorman
Genre: Mystery

If you enjoy mysteries with twists and characters who will beckon you
farther and farther along the road of intrigue, you will really enjoy this
tale by talented author L. C. Hayden. An unexpected villain and twists in
the plot offer a fun read to any mystery buff.

Harry Bronson was forced into early retirement from the police force because
he bent the rules to solve cases. He took only one thing with him when he
left the force, copies of the file on his first murder case, the one that
went unsolved.

Never satisfied with the way the case ended, he promised Casey's mother he'd
continue doing his best to solve it. Now, retired, he and his wife take a
vacation, only he has taken a job as consultant to a mystery group that
plays at solving murders at their annual meeting. How was he to know someone
arranged his presence there, that the murder to be played out was very
recognizable as that of Casey?

Nevertheless, that is what he ran into when he arrived at the meeting and
was almost immediately accused of murder himself. Wondering what was really
going on, Bronson sets out to find the answers with murder and gameplaying
working against him.

A fresh, well plotted tale peopled with characters you will enjoy meeting,
even the baddies. After reading this book, you will be looking for other
tales by this talented author. I know I will. Enjoy.

Anne K. Edwards

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