Thursday, December 6, 2007

In For The Kill by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Genre: Mystery

A very good read. Lots of action with lifelike characters to carry the story forward without pausing.
You'll enjoy meeting them and love even the villains so well are they drawn. The setting will make you recall visits to a mountain lake or wish you could visit one now.

Mysterious phone calls are followed by threats and increasing harassment to Jennifer and Tom Casey, also known as Hawkman. Who is Jim Anderson the caller wants to speak with? Why does he call the Casey residence.

Hawkman begins a search that leads into the past and finds surprises awaiting him. Can he find this troublemaker before things get too serious? Join him as he tries to avoid pitfalls and sort the truth from lies.

I'm pleased to recommend this fun read by talented author Betty Sullivan La Pierre whose creative ability will keep you reading. You'll want to read her other books as her characters quickly become old friends.

Enjoy. I sure did. by Anne K. Edwards

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