Thursday, December 6, 2007

Upstaged by Aaron Paul Lazar

Title: Upstaged, a Gus LeGarde Mystery
Author: Aaron Paul Lazar
Publisher: Publish America
ISBN: 14137722587
Genre: Mystery

If you ever worked on a high school play, you will definitely feel at home in this tale of suspense as Gus LeGarde and a well-drawn cast try to figure out who has a reason to stop the production. What could anyone have against a bunch of schoolkids putting on a play?

Have you ever met a stage mother? Or perhaps kids whose tempers exceed their acting ability? And what of the disappointed members of the background cast who wanted to be stars? Add to the mix a rather different clean-up crew and teaching staff andy you have an interesting, fun read.

Gus LeGarde and his fiance are involved in the production of the annual high school play and planning their wedding at the same time. How could they know someone wants to stop both sets of plans. How could they know death waits in the wings?

Talented Aaron Paul Lazar has created a cast of lifelike characters whose doings will keep you reading as the plot unfolds. Plenty of suspense and surprises await the reader who enjoys a good mystery. Recommended as well worth the time. Enjoy.

Anne K. Edwards

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