Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Corpse in the Soup by Morgan St. James/Phyllice Bradner

Title: A Corpse in the Soup
Authors: Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner
Publisher: Wings ePress, Inc.
ISBN: 1-59705-216-7
Genre: Mystery

Two sisters have a knack for solving crimes and this one is a doozy. One sister, Godiva Dubois, is wealthy and an advice columnist under the name G. O. D. while the other sister, Goldie, lives in Alaska and has an antiques shop.

Godiva lures her niece to Los Angeles with a promise of helping her get a position on a cooking show with a famous chef that she, Godiva, has taken a fancy too. Her sister soon follows and they are plunged into the world of cookery and contests and murder when one of the chefs is found face down in some bouillabaisse with a knife in his back.

With their mother and uncle's aid, the sisters gather clues to the identity of the killer. Talented authors Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner introduce us to the egotistic contestants of this cooking contest and names of dishes we don't make in our kitchens. Lots of fun and action to carry the tale along without a hitch.

I'm pleased to highly recommend this tale to any mystery buff who enjoys a tongue-in-cheek style of story telling with lots of fun characters who take you by the hand and lead you a merry chase after a killer. Guaranteed to provide many smiles and even provoke some laughter as you read.

Enjoy. I sure did.

Anne K. Edwards

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