Saturday, September 8, 2007

MAD MONEY - Watch TV Get Rich!


Do you invest in stocks or may be plan to do so in near future.

Have you learned the tricks actually rules and the methodology to make most out of the stock market?

Well if the answer is no for the above question, then I recommend GRAB THIS BOOK.

The author of this book is James J Cramer who has a vast experience in stock markets and is a one fun guy to watch on his TV show that hosts on CNBC, USA. He is as colorful as a stock analyst 62 years old can he doesnt look like 62 at all.

Here is how the book goes:

Jim (James J Cramer) educates about the stocks in a very easy way. He starts with how to identify your financial goals, and your risk taking ability.

From there he builds on how to identify the right stock for you, he teaches about how and what kind of homework to do before investing into a particular stock.

He then goes on to explain how to buy stocks, how to do the maintenance homework on each stock you own and then about the style to sell the stocks to register some BOOYAAH...MAD MONEY into your accounts!

His stuff works man...his stuff works. He also talks about some new rules he came up with since his earlier books.


Lets make some money, MAD MONEY!

- Rishab


bonzo said...

is this book good for indian stock market?

Rishab Chawla said...

doesnt matter...although some things are specific to US market...but most of the ideas can be used universally...