Friday, August 31, 2007

What Did We Do to Deserve This? by Mark Howell

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What Did We Do to Deserve This?Palestinian Life under Occupation in the West BankMark Howell

Released to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank (June 1967), this timely book exposes the realities of everyday life for Palestinians in the West Bank in the twenty-first century.

Based around photographs of, and interviews with, ordinary Palestinian people, it looks at all aspects of daily life ranging from restrictions on movement and imprisonment to the effects of the occupation on business, the practising of religion and the development of democracy.

Finding a solution to what is frequently termed the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” is now widely acknowledged as an important step in reversing the growing gap between mainstream Muslim society and the West. By providing the reader with a comprehensive understanding of how Israel’s policies in the West Bank affect the lives of real people on the ground, it cuts through the smokescreens and political correctness that pervade coverage of the issue and offers the reader a new platform from which to form his or her own opinions.

Look insideTo download a selection of sample spreads from the book in PDF format, please click here (3 MB) or here (4 MB).

About the author

Mark Howell is a freelance photographer with a specific interest in the Middle East. He combines analytical skills derived from eight years experience as an English qualified lawyer with photographic craft honed during a Masters Degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, to produce balanced, comprehensive and accessible works.


Palestine Chronicle: “As an introductory view of the Palestinian situation, What Did We Do to Deserve This? is an excellent starting point. Hard-hitting, gritty, realistic, yet also compassionate and humanistic and ultimately, in spite of the negatives, hopeful. The hope is narrowing, the love of family, land, and culture remains.”

Palestine News: “Mr. Howell acts as a witness to the humanity of the Palestinians, which is movingly displayed in testimonies and photographs showing their activities, aspirations and emotions, as well as their suffering. … The book gives a rare opportunity to hear the voices of Palestinians, in an accessible format together with a succinct historical and political background.”

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