Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The One Minute Manager

by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

I read this book around six years ago, by borrowing from a co-passenger in bus. Now, how I could have read it full in the small journey. The answer is that its concise size and gripping content. At that time I was a engineering student. But, even then I was able to relate to it. Though I have read and practiced a lot afterwards in the management field, still I think it’s a masterpiece.

The book is crisp direction towards team building. It focuses on the way a effective manager and leader should treat his subordinates in different phases of their association with the organization. The phases are the induction, routine and exit.

And the best part of the methodology explained is that the One Minute Manager himself becomes trainer to bring out One Minute Management out of all his subordinates.

I think, in today’s world of time pressure, if one reads this methodology and masters it, nothing can stop him.


Anonymous said...

Is it by the author of Who Moved my cheese?

Paras Gandhi said...

a very good book, a must read book for all managers