Friday, June 15, 2007

Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson

Losing my Virginity,,, Screw it Lets do it! Only one businessman can be that blatant. Yes, its Mr. Richard Branson, the brash, dynamic, flamboyant British Business Tycoon. This book is his Autobiography and guys, its a pleasure to read. Yeah, its fun and infomative.

It starts from the very childhood of Mr.Branson and chalks the path of how he built up his Mega- Virgin empire. You have to admire the guts of this guy. He is extravagant, flippant and a playboy, but he is one hell of an entreprenuer. He is the ideal entreprenuer, risk taking ability being his best quality.

In the book Branson tells us about how he started a new magazine called STUDENT while he was studying. How he used innovative tactics to distribute and market it. Then how he started Virgin Records which was a mail order business first, then he started the first Music experience stores. At that time music stores were dull and boring. Branson created a Music theme store, where you could listen to music, sit for long time and have fun. Then he signed up Mega stars for his Virgin label records. He also diversified into travel, entertainment, retailing, media, financial services, and publishing. He also gives details about his flaboyant, flagrant lifestyle, which is quiet entertaining. Also, details about his amazing Baloon expeditions across Atlantic and Pacific , his near death experiences. His life has been one hell of a ride and he shares it quiet openly. The best part is his detailing about how British Airways tried to crush his airline and how he fought back and survived.

This guy has style and guts. One incident states how he encountered a problem for his idea of Virgin branded railway bogies - how a person had stated that Branson could not start a thing like that untill he was alive. Branson took up the challenge and did it.

Though Branson is not a great writer, but he is a good story teller and hence the book is very interesting. Go for it. It will teach you what a person has to go through to reach those heights, the struggle to be faced and the guts you need to reach there. Its a great read.


Hari said...

good one brother !

Prabal Aggarwal said...

So Funda Mentor u finally lost ur virginity :)
i have read this book around 4 years back and was intoxicated by it. Screw it, Lets Do it. The person is not only business genius but has a heart of lion. The best part was his adventures on hot air baloon. I will read it again and will write its 2nd review on the blog.

ArvIND said...

Richard Branson is a legend..he is my fav billionaire..the guy has not only made billions but knows how live it up as it to get an insight into the mind of a unique person..