Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book Promotion - From Cubicles 2 Cabins: A survival guide to your first job

Hello Friends

This is not a review, but a promotion excerpts by the Author, my friend Sanket Danatra

It is 3 am, the year 2008. Exams done, graduation in a month, convocation a week after that. Me and dorm mates were sitting and thinking about the two years that went by. A couple of years back, we were skeptical about how easy or difficult it will be to go back to college after having worked for a few years. No salary no more, the rigor of academics. Were we up to it? Two years and a MBA degree later, we are discussing life after IIMA. Looking back at how we ended up at this juncture, how different would the work life be with the new degree.

We concluded that, ‘Life is tough’ and ‘People are stupid’. And this applies to each and every one of us, no matter how smart. In retrospect, we were absolutely naive during our first few work years. And yet luckily things worked out for us.

There are thousands of graduates from various universities all over the country, who join the workplace with all the relevant technical skills. But is that enough? What else does it take to thrive in a competitive business environment? And to find answers to this was born the first book of the Elf series – ‘From Cubicles 2 Cabins: a survival guide to your first job’

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So enjoy reading it and gift it to your sons and daughters and nieces and nephews ! Forward this mail to all you think would benefit !

Warm Regards,

Sanket J Dantara [ http://elfseries.wordpress.com/ ]


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