Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Art of Deception by Kevin D Mitnick

Reading this book reminded me of movies like 'Catch me if you can!'

Well, this book is written by one of the most notorious hackers Kevin D Mitnick, who is now acting as Cyber Security Consultant to many companies.

While reading this book, I came to understand, doesn't matter how hard we make Cyber Security, but in vain. For Cyber Security, has at its heart humans to operate it. And human is the weakest link in the security.

The book is written in very unconventional method, giving the insight to the mind of a hacker. And points out, how corporate professionals, unintentionally invites hackers and viruses to their company, opening the whole maze in front of them.

Though its related to Cyber Security, but this book is not technical. So any common man with the normal knowledge about internet and computers, can gain a lot from it.

And, I think, this book should be made mandatory in every organisation where heavy dependence on IT is there