Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ambani & Sons by Hamish McDonald

This is another book by Hamish McDonald, the author of 'The Polyester Prince'

The Polyester Prince was banned or is still banned in India since its publication around decade ago. But, you can easily find the pirated copies of it on road side in all the metro cities of India.

Anyway, this sequel has made it easy for the readers to buy the story of Ambani's legally. According to readers, the story is 80% the story of The Polyester Prince, with 20% addition.

The earlier book was focussed on rise of Dhirubhai and covered it till 1998. While this book covers till mid 2010. The new chapters focus more on now two seperate empires of Anil & Mukesh.

And after reading it, I can very well understand why the earlier book was banned. And I think, Hamish is in habbit of writing such open and provocative books, which are banned in the focussed countries.

But, if you want to understand evolution of Business in India post Independence, this is must read

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