Friday, March 7, 2008

Business@Speed of Thought

By Bill Gates
I picked this book recently, though written around 10 years back.

During the first few pages, I thought that I did a mistake by buying this, as most of the things or technologies mentioned in it are already in place. But, at the same time I was really surprised by the Bill’s forecasting of the future, much of it has come true.

When I further read the book, I was more than amazed. I used to think Microsoft to be only Windows and Microsoft Office. I used to think, that soon it will be cannibalized by more innovative company like Google.

But I was wrong, what Microsoft has done around 10 years back, it will take other companies around a decade from now to catch up.

The book talks about Digital Nervous System in any system, organization, society or nation. It gives a fabulous examples in industries like Healthcare, Governance, Aeronoutical and what not.
Bill claims that this book is for CEO’s of this century. But, I disagree with him on this point. This book is for any and every person living at this point of time. As we can see, the impact of Information Technology is so great on our present lives, that it has become as essential in education as arithmetic. So, I recommend this book to any and every person who wants to educate oneself on how Information Technology has and would fundamentally change our lives forever.

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