Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Victim of Convenience by John Ballem

Title: A Victim of Convenience
Author: John Ballem
Publisher: Dundurn Group
ISBN: 10: 1550026178
Genre: Thriller

Someone in Calgary, Canada, is killing women and leaving their mutilated bodies in the public parks. Most of them are ordinary looking with no seeming connections, but the latest victim turns out to be a young lawyer connected to an important law firm that handles accounts for oil companies.

It appears to be the work of the same killer with all the same clues. But Detective Chris Crane has his doubts. The problem is the question of who would want to kill the lady other than the serial killer. It is on that question that the investigation hinges.

As the investigation unravels the murder, Chris finds the finger of guilt pointing to several people. Could one of them, a coworker, an old boyfriend, a boss, a stock broker or others be the serial killer? Could the serial killings be intended to cover up the single murder of the lawyer?

Those are the questions Chris and his sidekick, Gwen, must deal with to resolve the murder and find the motive. With the city in a state of near panic over the killings, the pressure is on to solve the case quickly. Can it be done?

Using a journalist to feed information to the press to make the killer contact them, Chris succeeds beyond expectations when he learns the identity of the killer. Lots of tension in this well told tale that will keep you reading. Red herrings and false trails will have you testing your ability to outguess the detective.

I'm happy to recommend this book by talented author John Ballem to any mystery or thriller fan. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I sure did.

Anne K. Edwards

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