Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Vanson Curse

Title: The Vanson Curse
Author: David Hough
Publisher: BeWrite Books UK
ISBN: 10: 1905202318
Genre: Historical Fiction

In spite of warnings that he'll be sorry, Kit Vanson has decided to give up the sea and his interest in his family's plantation for the old family farm in Cornwall. It is his hope to find a peace denied him in a new life.

In traveling to his family farm he runs into a man named Ralph Killiow who is abusing a woman. The confrontation has a far-reaching outcome into Kit's future and the woman does not seem to appreciate the rescue. He learns his new enemy is the son of the local squire, the man of power in the area.

Kit discovers life in Cornwall is both different and much the same as that he left behind. Must he stand by while farmers are forced off their land, a minister is hunted for encouraging the workers to unionize for better working conditions, and women are left without protection of the law? Would it be better for him to return to his family's plantation and forget Cornwall? Or should he confront the man behind the local troubles? The tension that flows through this story, while it seems understated, will keep you reading to find out what happens next. Talented author David Hough kept me reading in this well-crafted tale of romance, intrigue and danger.

Recommended as an intriguing, well-told story that leaves the reader with a sense of having stepped into another time and walked in the shoes of people whose lives too often depended on the whims of a man with too much power and who lacked the sense of its proper use. Enjoy. I did.

Anne K. Edwards

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