Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Silenced Cry by Marta Stephens


Title: Silenced Cry
Author: Marta Stephens
Publisher: BeWrite Books
ISBN: 978-1-905202-73-7
Genre: Mystery

Sam Harper has lost his partner, Gillies, an experienced narcotics detective in a shootout with a criminal. And as a result, Sam is experiencing job changes within the police department. He is sent to homicide, given a new partner, and set to work on cold cases, one of which isn't in the files.

When a baby's bones are found in the wall of a building undergoing demolition, Sam and his new partner get the job of trying to piece together why the baby was in the wall. The work is a wearisome checking of old records until the clues begin to melt into a picture of what happened.

Talented author Marta Stephens opens a door into the darker side of society and human nature that will make the reader consider how much life is wasted here, how much hope is lost. You'll wonder that anyone survives in this world.

Sit in with interviews of witnesses and learn the story of the lost baby. You'll want to cry. A tale that could be taken from the news, this is a book you will remember and look for other tales by this creative author.

A realistic cast of characters lead us step by step into the past, into the darkness of the human soul. The twisting trail has a surprise at the end for the reader.

Enjoy. I did.

Anne K. Edwards

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