Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Road Kill Art by Niles Reddick


Title: Road Kill Art and Other Oddities
Author: Niles Reddick
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN: 9781593748043
Genre: Fiction

If you like short pieces on reminiscences and people, this collection of short stories is a book you will enjoy. There's something in it for everyone, something that will strike a chord deep inside you to make you recall certain moments and people from the past.

Everyone has known someone or had a relative who was considered strange by the rest of society and will identify with the characters in the title story. Or did you want to learn to ski only to find out it wasn't for you after traveling to get there?

You will find a fun tale about UFOs and birds, both of which remind us of moments we'd rather not remember. And try tracing your roots to see what is lurking up in your family tree like the author did.

I'm pleased to recommend this book by talented author Niles Reddick as a relaxing read that stirs memories and pleasant musings on life. Enjoy. I really did.

Anne K. Edwards

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