Thursday, December 6, 2007

Past Imperfect by Nora Peterson

Title: Past Imperfect]
Author: Nora Peterson
ISBN: 1594313520
Genre: Mystery

A new friend of Sam's dies under strange circumstances just after her father is killed in a car accident, and after the friend has just asked Sam to find out something about her past. So Sam takes on the job of finding out who Angie Drummond really was.

The job takes her from sunny Arizona to wintry Boston just in time for a snowstorm. The airlines loses her luggage and things go downhill from there.

A man who kept bumping into Sam on the street is found murdered in the room next to hers. Papers are stolen from her room, the police aren't interested in the hypothetical case they think Sam is building about her friend's death. And Sam's old boyfriend, Jack, seems more interested in his career than helping her.

But, at last, she does get his help and meets people who she is certain have information about Angie's mysterious past. Will they help her? Or will they consider her a threat when she learns other members of Angie's family also died under questionable circumstances. Who wants to kill an entire family? Why?

Talented author Nora Peterson keeps the reader turning pages as Sam finds herself in the middle of chaotic family relationships and an attempt is made on her life. Well drawn characters add their own touches to the story and you'll get a real dose of winter in Boston.

This is a book I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to any mystery reader. Enjoy. I sure did.

Anne K. Edwards

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