Thursday, December 6, 2007

Night Laws by Jim Michael Hansen

Title: Night Laws
Author: Jim Michael Hansen
Publisher: Dark Sky Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 0976924307
Genre: Mystery/Legal Thriller

Beware following Bryson Coventry into places where he will be questioning witnesses and suspects about murders that occur in his jurisdiction. You'll follow him right into danger.

A riveting tale of murder and mahem that will have you staying up late to see how the murder of a young woman leads to other murders and kidnappings. You'll just have to know what the secret is that lawyer Kelly Parks withheld from Coventry when questioned about a strange phone call made to her number on the phone of the victim after she was murdered.

What involvement does Kelly's boss have in this investigation of a serial killer who is using horrible methods to kill young women. Will Coventry be in time to save the latest victim? Do the victims have a common factor that marks them for the killer? These are some of the questions you'll just have to know the answers to.

Highly recommended as a book you won't be able to put down. A delightfully macabre tale by talented Jim Michael Hanson with well-drawn, lifelike characters who move the plot along. Lots of action, lots of suspense. Enjoy. I sure did.

Anne K. Edwards

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