Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Man's Days Are as Grass by Shel Damsky


Title: Man's Days Are as Grass
Author: Shel Damsky
Publisher: Cambridge Books Imprint of WriteWords Inc.
ISBN: 9781594314377
Genre: Fiction

Politics, anyone? What do you know about political bosses in a small town? Do you know how they operate, how they build and maintain power? Do you think they use strong-arm tactics?

To find the answers about one boss in Olympia, New York, join author Jonathan Abrams who gave up his law practice in Olympia to write legal thrillers. He had no plans to ever return, yet when he gets a call from an old friend, he soon finds himself in the thick of a grand jury trial that challenges the hold of the local political boss on the town.

He enjoys reminiscing about his youth in Olympia with people he knew and visiting the old neighborhoods and boyhood haunts. Yet, he's not sure he should be involved in the trial after such a long absence from the town and the law. Fortunately, a well-known attorney is on hand to advise him.

A thought-provoking story that warns of abuse of our legal system by talented author Shel Damsky, this tale will keep you reading. Cleverly crafted with realistic characters who all have motives for what they do, this is a delightful change from the formula legal thriller.

I'm pleased to recommend this book to any lover of fiction as one worth the time to read. Enjoy. I sure did. You'll be looking for other books by this author whose ability to craft a variety of plots and characters will keep you happily reading.

Anne K. Edwards

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