Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Hidden Assassins by Robert Wilson

The trail of death leads from a faceless body in the garbage dump to an explosion in a suburb of Seville in an apartment building that housed a mosque in the basement. Inspector Falcon and other investigators are trying to figure out what is going on. Why would somebody destroy an entire wing of a building, killing children in a day care center as well? What madness is causing this indiscriminate killing?

You'll find yourself wondering what the personal life of Judge Calderon has to do with the killings also. What links do his mistress and mistreated wife play?

There are many other threads woven into this tale that will keep you guessing. Talented author Robert Wilson gives mystery or thriller fans a tale that could be taken from current events involving religious fanaticism and the mounting tensions between the many groups involved.

Mysterious men working for a mysterious communications company might be involved in the bombing. Is there an American link? Do politics play a role in the chaotic aftermath to the bombing? Will Falcon find out who is responsible?

Surprises await the reader of this fun tale as it unwinds. You'll find there are unexpected links between Calderon and Falcon, unexpected twists in the story that guarantee reading satisfaction. Enjoy. Anne K. Edwards

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