Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blue Diamonds

Title: Blue Diamonds
Author: Spencer Dane
Publisher: ebooksonthe.net
ISBN: 1594314829
Genre: Suspense/Mystery

Follow the track of a dozen blue diamonds that seem to carry a curse as they wreak havoc in the lives of those into whose hands they fall. How many will pay with their lives to possess them? Where will they end up?

Join Zachary Taylor and his partner, Sabrina Calabrese, are drawn into the drama surrounding the stones in the pursuit of criminals. More than once they put their lives on the line and danger seems to confront them at every turn. Is there a mole in their department who is feeding information to the mob that is partly responsible for this?

Zach finds his cases further complicated by the reappearance of an ex lover in his life. As a newscaster, she could add to his danger when they turn up at the same hotel and he is under cover. Will she?

This is a story that will please the suspense fan who enjoys sharing the danger with the good guys as they move from case to case. A fun read. Enjoy. I did.

Anne K. Edwards

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