Thursday, December 6, 2007

Black Tide by Ingrid McLaughlin Taylor

Title: Black Tide
Author: Ingrid McLaughlin Taylor
Publisher: PageFree Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1589614143
Genre: Mystery

Tragedy brings Mikela Williams north to start a new life in a lighthouse she
has inherited. On the road she runs into a storm and a new complication in
her life.

Almost immediately she is warned away from the lighthouse by the mysterious
man who rescues her from the storm. He tells her it isn't safe to life at
the lighthouse, but she refuses to let him dampen her enthusiasm for the
plans she's made.

Once at the lighthouse, she learns why she was warned against staying there.
The mystery surrounding the old place seems to have many levels and many
directions. She finds the place is full of strange noises and that some
caverns lurk below it with a mystery all their own.

Talented Ingrid McLaughlin Taylor has created an intriguing multi-level read
that crosses mystery and romance genre boundaries to please readers of both
genres. Lots of questions will keep you reading as the mystery deepens.

Recommended as a pleasing read worth the time. Enjoy. I did.

Anne K. Edwards

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