Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bangkok Laws by Jim Michael Hansen


Title: Bangkok Laws
Author: Jim Michael Hansen
Publisher: Dark Sky Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 13: 9780976924319
Genre: Thriller/Suspense

If you're planning to travel to Bangkok to sample some of the sleazy and forbidden entertainments found there, beware that it doesn't cost more than you are willing to pay. Like Alan Ewing did.

It's his mysterious murder that brings Bryson Coventry into contact with a lovely P.I. who deliberately seeks him out. The question is why? Would you trust her? Would you trust her story? Is she as she appears to be? Where will she lead Bryson and the reader who follow so willingly?

Familiar characters who will be easily recalled from other "Laws" stories guide us into the realm of shady dealings by an international law firm where almost any fantasy or case can be won by manipulating people. Bangkok Laws is a study of methods of revenge by victims of this firm.

Highly recommended as a tale you will have to finish once you begin to read. Talented author Jim Michael Hansen has woven a fascinating plot from several subplots to satisfy even the pickiest thriller fan. Action aplenty with false trails and red herrings to draw the reader into dead ends and keep us trying to out guess the villains who do what they do sooo well. A book guaranteed to hold your attention and provide you with reading satisfction. Enjoy. I sure did. (But a warning to the girls, don't travel to Bangkok unescorted.)

Anne K. Edwards

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