Thursday, December 6, 2007

Apache Lance, Franciscan Cross by Florence Byham Weinberg

Title: Apache Lance, Franciscan Cross
Author: Florence Byham Weinberg
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
ISBN: ebook: 1931201430, paperback 1933353449
Genre: Historical

Something different and something definitely worth reading. A tale of two
people from the two cultures that dominated the American southwest at the
time that Spain lay claim to it.

Ahuila, an Apache woman, comes into contact with the Franciscan monks who
are working to establish new missions in her tribe's territory. She is drawn
in particular to one called Fray Marcos because of his golden hair. Hiding
her identity, she joins the group and watches him and bides her time. She
plans to offer him as a sacrifice to her father's spirit.

Fray Marcos was a former member of a minor aristocratic family until he felt
the call to serve God. Much against his family's wishes, he joined the
Franciscans and was sent to serve in the Spanish territories in the New
World. He notices Ahuila watching him and begins to worry about his own
feelings. Such feelings can cause him to be forced out of his Brotherhood.

This is a tale I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. It offers a look at several
conflicts that would have occurred during this period between cultures and
the individuals from those cultures. Talented author, Florence Byham
Weinberg has created a wonderfully lifelike cast of characters with definite
personalities who will pull you into their world and make you believe it
could have happened exactly like this. I'm glad I had the chance to read

Anne K. Edwards

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