Friday, September 14, 2007

The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho

I read this book around 2 years ago. Actually I bought it for somebody else, but couldn't remove my hands from it.

At that time, I met a fatal accident and was on total bed rest. My biggest challenge was not to read or think any stuff, which may bring out aggression stored in me. That could have been fatal from healing point of view. So, out of all the other books I picked this one.

The best thing I liked about the story was its fabel or fairy tale like approach. It can be as meaningful to the adult as it can be to the child. The story answered many questions, which were still unanswered in my life. And gave a very positive feeling about the very thing called 'life'.

The best line out of the book is " If you really want something, the whole of the universe conspires along with you". I fully agree with this line as it has come 100% true in my life till date. The best phrase in the book is 'The Beginner's Luck', which again I have experienced many of times in life.

The style of writing is typical of Paulo Choelo, where he tries to bring the inspiration and enlightenment in life via simple but eternal entities like wind, river, trees,desert,.......

Though the book gave me a feeling of vindication, which I am sure every reader must have got, but I doubt it. Actually, the problem is that the thoughts and feelings expressed in the book, can't be expressed but has to be experienced. So, till the time I don't fully experience most of the things in the book, I am bound to doubt it.

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