Friday, July 27, 2007

Scales by Anthony G. Williams

If you’ve been searching for a science fiction novel with a touch of fantasy and the pace of a thriller, look no more. SCALES is the story of Matt Johnson, a man whose home mysteriously explodes one evening. Engulfed in flames, Johnson is rushed to the hospital, his entire body badly burned. When he recovers against all odds, doctors discover his skin is now covered with a fine layer of scales, which change color according to his moods.

Thus begins one man’s journey to discover not only what happened to him but also what he has become. “The genesis of this story was a bit unusual” said Anthony Williams. “I woke up from a dream in which scales had started to grow over my skin. I lay there thinking about that for a while, considering what the consequences might be, especially if other changes happened to me as well. I kicked the idea around for months before deciding the best way to get it out of my mind was to start writing the story. Once I sat down and began writing, I just let the story run.”

In an effort to adjust to his startling new appearance, Matt changes his name to Cade, and soon realizes he has also acquired the ability to heal certain diseases. Cade’s quest leads him from one mission to the next, from healer to world diplomat to harbinger. I can’t say too much, because there are so many twists and turns in this ingenious plot I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises. However, this is such an original and unusual story I wouldn’t be surprised if a filmmaker snapped it up one day. Hollywood, are you listening?

The cover of SCALES is the most striking I have seen and not easily forgotten. “I had the idea for it in my mind for some time…just a human face transformed into a reptilian hybrid,” said Williams. “Oleg Volk, a wonderful graphic designer who had read my first novel THE FORESIGHT WAR, contacted me and offered to design the cover of SCALES for me. I jumped at the chance, of course, specified what I was looking for, and he delivered!”

This well-written novel was a pleasure to read, and I look forward to enjoying future efforts from this incredibly talented novelist. Highly recommended.

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Laura Stamps is an award-winning novelist and poet, as well as a Wiccan and feral cat rescuer. The recipient of a Pulitzer Prize nomination and seven Pushcart Award nominations, she is the author of thirty-five novels and poetry books, including “The Witchery Series,” a popular series of magickal urban fantasy novels found at


Prabal Aggarwal said...

its a mind blowing concept especially for a sci fi maniac like me. and the best thing i liked abt it was that the author wrote this just to get his mind at peace again. Probably i would do the same, lot many ideas keep flooding my brain. One thing i would like to ask here that are there actually something called ghosts as u belong to field of wichcraft. Secondly, is the author available on linkedin??? Keep posting. You have lot of fans here, especially me.

ViruS said...

Laura can you give me a reference to some place where I can publish my own Weird stories? I just want it to be copyrighted by my name, to protect it from plagiarism.

Prabal Aggarwal said...

Well yes, it seems we have one writer in making at bookreviews :)

Laura Stamps said...

Hi, Prabal. Glad you enjoyed my review, and I am flattered to have you as a fan! Hmm. I am not only a Wiccan Witch but also an Empath and psychic, so I have communicated with the spirit realm since I was a child. Yes, there are ghosts. But I prefer to think of them as spirits. There are several spirits that live with me and go wherever I go every day. I am also surrounded by lots of faeries. All a very good thing! :)

And yes, Anthony Williams is a member of Linkedin. He is one of my first tier connections. Also a podcast interview with Tony was just released this week at


Hi, Funda-mentor! Are you asking about submitting your stories to magazines for publication? If so, my favorite resource for that is the "Novel and Short Story Market" book published by Writer's Digest. You can get it on Amazon or at any bookstore. If you just want a place to publish your stories online I would highly suggest creating a blog just for your stories. Be sure to use your real name as the name of the blog. That way it will show up in the Google search engine and send more traffic to your blog to build a fan base for you.


Speaking of blogs, this morning I just updated my Kittyfeather Press blog All my novels, poetry books, and poetry art prints are now on there along with ordering information for each. I do so much licensing I thought it was time to put everything in one place to make it more convenient for my readers.

Magickal blessings and thanks for the comments! :)